Embryoscope Plus

If you want to have the best cultivation conditions for your embryos, choose the cultivation in the EmbryoScope +.


For the successful development of embryos in the laboratory, the stability of the conditions is of the most importance. With the development of new technologies, the old system of cultivation of embryos is replaced by cultivation in so-called time-lapse systems that closely monitor and record the development of embryos without the need to be removed from the ideal cultivation conditions of the incubator.


Our clinic is one of the first in the Czech Republic which have a new EmbryoScope + incubator, which has up to twice its capacity if compared to other time-lapse systems. So we are able to provide the best cultivation conditions for the embryos of all our patients. In addition, EmbryoScope + is designed for separate cultivation - each single-bar coded culture dish contains embryos of one couple and is isolated from another embryos so that when manipulating with one dish, embryo cultivation of other patients in the system is not impaired. In addition, a detailed record of embryo development allows our embryologists enough time and information to select the embryo with the highest development potential.

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