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Special Christmas Offer

Christmas is round the corner and at this time we would like to endow you with a gift in the form of a FREE consultation with our doctor, a FREE EmbryoGlue and a FREE EmbryoScope for all types of therapy.


Should you be interested in following offer, please contact us directly on: info@fertilityport.com

  • IVF / ICSI with own gametes (oocytes and sperm) EUR 2,390 – now 2,200 EUR
  • IVF / ICSI with donated embryos – 3,800 EUR / 2 embryos + cryo-embryo transfer guarantee – now 3,650 EUR
  • IVF / IVF / ICSI therapy with donated eggs – transfer of fresh embryos and transfer of cryo-embryos guaranteed EUR 5,550 – now EUR 5,400
  • TOP IVF / ICSI therapy IVF / ICSI with donated eggs – transfer of fresh embryo and cryo-embryo guaranteed 7,100 EUR – now 6,900 EUR with a guarantee of 4 blastocysts at least

To receive this offer, a deposit payment must be paid by 10th February 2021/Consultation until 31st January 2021.

For Egg Donation of 2,000 EUR, for IVF / ICSI of 500 EUR and for Donated embryos of 1000 EUR. Your therapy can continue until 31.12.2021