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Special Summer Offer

The most beautiful time of the year is approaching. With summer, we would also like to welcome additions to your families

That is why we at FertilityPort Prague have prepared discounted price of all types of therapies:

FREE consultation with our doctor, a FREE EmbryoGlue and a FREE EmbryoScope for all types of therapy.

  • IVF / ICSI with own gametes (oocytes and sperm) EUR 2,390 – now 2,200 EUR
  • IVF / ICSI with donated embryos – 3,800 EUR / 2 embryos + cryo-embryo transfer guarantee – now 3,650 EUR
  • IVF / IVF / ICSI therapy with donated eggs – transfer of fresh embryos and transfer of cryo-embryos guaranteed EUR 5,550 – now EUR 5,400
  • TOP IVF / ICSI therapy IVF / ICSI with donated eggs – transfer of fresh embryo and cryo-embryo guaranteed 7,100 EUR – now 6,900 EUR with a guarantee of 4 blastocysts at least

To receive this offer, a deposit payment must be paid by 6.8.2021/Consultation until 31.7.2021 with therapy implementation until 31. 12. 2021.

For Egg Donation of 2,000 EUR, for IVF / ICSI of 500 EUR and for Donated embryos of 1000 EUR.

Should you be interested in following offer, please contact us directly on: info@fertilityport.com