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Postponing the reproduction to a advanced age is a big problem of our today’s society. Currently, an another factor has joined this negative reproductive trend – the COVID-19 pandemic. Topics that were important before the “covid period” are now being forgotten or their solution is being postponed. Unfortunately, this topic as well includes the diagnosis and fertility treatment disorders and the correct timing of pregnancy.

The media image of “covid society” forces us to focus only on the pandemic. Everything else seems less important, logically but this approach is absolutely wrong. Nature does not ask, and especially in the field of reproduction it is uncompromising. Just as it is not good to delay other medical procedures, it is not good to waste time in reproductive medicine. A fertility disorder is a disease like any other.

In our centre of assisted reproduction, like in the spring of last year, we felt less interests from women in solving their problems with conception and their fear of getting pregnant at this time. However, patients should know that there is nothing to worry about. There is no higher risk of infection in pregnant women, and pregnant women do not have a worse course of the disease. Mother-to-fetal transmission of the virus was also not detected and the virus was not found in amniotic fluid or breast milk either.

Nowadays our patients begin to perceive the whole issue differently and are no longer delaying their treatment.

Every year, often an every month, is a baby’s planning in a woman’s life very crucial.

That is why we are ready to lend a helping hand to everyone who has any problem even in this pandemic situation at FertilityPort Prague. We also offer the examinations for those who just want to find out how they are currently doing with reproduction. We work as usual with strict adherence to all hygienic measures. We provide consultations in person and online via Skype.

Even this difficult period can be bridged by the happiest news about your pregnancy.

We will help you become a family…

If you are interested, contact us at: info@fertilityport.com