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Freezing and cryopreservation of eggs

Is your current situation not suitable for starting a family?
Freezing eggs gives you the opportunity how to maintain
a chance to have a baby in the future.

Lately the media have begun covering the possibility of preventive freezing of eggs (social freezing) for women, who, most usually due to social reasons, want to postpone their motherhood and start their family after fulfilling their life dreams, professional careers, etc. This procedure is not regarded as optimal by the medical science due to a number of reasons. It must be noted that the woman’s age is the main limiting factor of reaching the ultimate goal, or pregnancy, and no woman should delay her effort of becoming pregnant too much. Especially after reaching the second half of the third decade of her life the egg quality begins to drop rapidly. This can be witnessed, albeit at a slower rate, already when the woman turns thirty. There are, however, such life situations, e.g. serious medical reasons, absence of partner, when the only chance for keeping the chances of future offspring is the stimulation of ovaries, collection and freezing of the woman’s eggs. The same applies to this method as to all the others – the sooner it is performed the better. If only medical recommendations are to be considered, this procedure should be performed no later than at 25-30 years of age.

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