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Donate Eggs

Often, as an egg donor you will become the only hope for infertile couples to start a family. Donate your eggs and fulfil the many couple’s dream to have a complete family.
Before, during and after the stimulation our coordinator will be at your disposal. You can contact her any time regarding any questions you might have in connection with the stimulation.
Egg donation is voluntary, anonymous and free of charge. The donor, the recipient and the future child remain in total anonymity.
You will be compensated for the income lost in connection with the donation as a lump sum on the day of the collection of eggs.

Conditions you have to meet as a future donor:

  • 18 to 35 years of age
  • good psychological and physical condition
  • we expect an excellent supply of eggs and a nominal gynaecological report
  • you have to fulfil relatively strict requirements with regard to potential transmission of genetically dependent diseases

What will the donation bring to you:

  • you will fulfil your need to help others
  • a full examination of your fertility and state of health, which may be of benefit to both you and your children
  • should the donation pose any kind of risk to you, we will not recommend it 

How to proceed if you want to become a donor:

  • fill in the on-line form and our coordinator will contact you and give you the preliminary consultation date and time which will suit you
  • during the preliminary consultation you will undergo an interview with a doctor who will provide instruction and advice on the complete process of egg donation including information about potential risks, you will undergo a complete gynaecological examination including sonography and you will have a blood sample taken for laboratory examination
  • you undergo genetic examination – this is a very important phase because the geneticist issues an opinion on whether you are capable of donating eggs and the donation poses any health risks for you or the recipient
  • upon the reception of the results showing no obstacle to the donation you will be given an appointment to plan your cycle with the stimulation, during which the doctor and nurse will explain everything in detail to you

Frequently asked questions

  • The injections are painless and they may be administered outside the clinic.
  • After an assessment of your state of health you may donate repeatedly, however with certain intervals necessary for convalescence.
  • Based on available information there is no impairment done to your fertility due to collection of eggs, even if repeated.
  • During the actual stimulation you will not use hormonal contraception and so other forms of contraception is recommended – a condom.
  • Hormonal stimulation poses a risk of an excessive reaction of the ovaries, the so-called hyperstimulation syndrome, which, however, has no influence on your fertility and planned pregnancy in the future. We try to prevent the hyperstimulation syndrome and it does not appear frequently. Should you be diagnosed with a higher risk of hyperstimulation syndrome we will not recommend the donation cycle to you.
  • Intrauterine devices (IUDs) do not present any obstruction to the donation.
  • After the collection the menstruation often comes in the usual time and manner, the menstrual cycle is not “distorted” in the majority of women.
  • We may provide you with a certificate of medical appointment on the day of the examination at our clinic and on the day of the collection of the eggs.
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